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Investment Options

We currently accept:

-Blue Cross Blue Shield

-Blue Care Network

-Priority Health

-United Health





We also offer income based rates for clients paying out-of-pocket. Prices start at $75 per session.

Whether you're paying out-of-pocket, paying down a deductible, covering a copay, or paying for quality insurance through your employer, we recognize both the monetary and time investment you're making, and want to ensure you feel the value of what you're paying for.


So what exactly happens to your money aside from improving your life and reaching your goals? You get a 50- to 60-minutes, one-on-one session with a master's level clinician who's spent years, as well as their own money, obtaining an advanced collegiate education and the licensure that goes with it. This is on top of ongoing trainings, self-education, and real-world experience, all of which ensures you're receiving top-tier service.


Part of what sets Harmony apart from other counseling practices is that we takes pride in being slow to hire. We want to get to know our candidates on a personal level instead of quickly hiring and skipping the vetting process in order to make fast cash. We don't want to simply find a person who meets the basic requirements for the job, but more importantly, someone who's passionate about counseling and truly desires helping people.

Your money goes to financially supporting your counselor, and by proxy, their family, so they have a basic income that allows them to continue working in this field. You're also investing in a small business that's both woman and veteran owned, which is a rare anomaly, not only in the therapy field, but for any small business. Your financial support allows us to pay: monthly rent, overhead expenses, essential software, a secure Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that keeps your information confidential and secure, and much more!

We deeply thank you for your support and for allowing us to be part of your mental health journey! 

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